You don't choose to be a leader, people choose you.

— Gina Kloes

From stressed and exhausted to worthy, wealthy, and
kick ass.

Many years ago in San Francisco, I was running in a half marathon. At that time, not only was I in an unhappy, abusive marriage, but I was trying to balance my professional career and my family, and I wasn’t feeling successful at any of it.

Everyone around me was saying “Gina wow, you’re so successful. How do you do it all?”

I looked so great on the outside, but on the inside I was exhausted, frustrated, and OVER IT.

To top it all, I was really missing my dad, who had passed ten years earlier. There were a lot of thoughts swirling in my head as my body was running at its hardest.

As I turned the corner and saw the Golden Gate Bridge ahead, the sun was starting to rise. Emotions, and memories about my dad flowed through me. I stopped for a moment and realized that, after ten years, I was finally calm enough to process my feelings about my dad’s passing and its meaning for my life.

When you’re stressed—as I had been for that entire decade—your mind is so focused on fixing what’s wrong that there is little room left to think clearly, fully process your emotions and know what’s right.

Stress takes over our minds and there is little left for anything else.

But, when we know how to conquer our stress (and anything else that comes our way) we can discover our worth, master our wealth, and be game-changers that impact the world.

Our world needs great leaders now more than ever. The first person you need to lead is yourself!

I'm Gina Kloes, let me take you there!


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